Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park Day 1 – Niblet and Nublet

We had the pleasure of spending 3 nights at Lake Magog in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. We cheated and flew the helicopter in from Mt. Shark saving 2 days worth of hiking to Lake Magog. We were limited in time and flying in on the helicopter saved time to enjoy several nights at Lake Magog in the shadow of Mt. Assiniboine. If you ever plan on being in the vicinity of Banff this area is stunning and a must see.

After our 1st night at Lake Magog we unfortunately woke up to smell of smoke. A wildfire was burning only a few miles away and the smoke was blowing in towards our campsite. We tried to wait out the smoke and hope for the wind to turn and clear out the smoke to no avail. After a leisurely breakfast we decided on a short hike. The Nublet and Nub Peak are a very short and pleasant hike from the Lake Magog campground. Just a short hike northwest (1/4 mile) you are immediately rewarded with shoreline views of 2 pristine alpine lakes. First Sunburst Lake and then Cerulean, even the wildfire smoke didn’t ruin the view. From there we made the short quick climb up to the Niblet. It was a bit of a huff and puff as we were still adjusting to the high altitude. The views from the Niblet on a clear day are STUNNING with Mt. Assiniboine sprawled out right in front of you with Lake Magog perched perfectly below.

views from the niblet

With the views obscured by smoke we moved up to the Nublet a higher saddle to see if we could nab a better view. It’s a rocky slippery steep climb up to the Nublet. We wandered around hoping for a better view but the haze was just too thick. After a few minutes we scrambled back down the Niblet for a quick lunch. Although the mountain views were obscured we were rewarded at the Niblet with a bountiful display of wildflowers.


After a half hour snapping closeups of flowers we decided it was time for a snack and headed down from the Niblet toward the Assiniboine Lodge.

hiking trail
lake magog

The great thing about camping at Lake Magog is your free to visit the lodge and pay for afternoon cake and tea. We made it to the lodge in time for a delicious snack of hot tea and cake for $10 CAD. We lingered on the porch for a bit drinking in the wonderful view of Mt. Assiniboine before making the short trek (1 mile) back to our camp.

Despite the poor air quality it was a great 1st day at Mt. Assiniboine.

Distance: 7 miles
Elevation Gain: 1900ft

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